18 Nov 2020 No More Late Fees!

We have discontinued the use of late fees on all services. We realized that very few people actually paid the late fees as they would either send us a check minus the late fee or call and request we waive the fee. We've been told that we are rather nice guys and I guess we are because we never refuse to waive late fees. So, we're going to save ... Read More »

14 Aug 2020 Introducing "Email Security" Platform

We have upgraded our email spam and virus filtering platform. With this upgrade, we're rebranding the service as "Email Security". Our documentation is being updated from "Email Filter" (and other names) to the standardized "Email Security". The new Email Security platform has a very nice, mobile-friendly, user convenience website available at ... Read More »

1 Jul 2020 Upgraded Client Support Website

We have just completed an upgrade to our Client Support website. This upgrade brings cleaner screens, easier account management, and a host of other new features. It is now easier to Register and Manage Domains, purchase multiple products at once, view current services and view support tickets. If you notice anything that needs to be cleaned up ... Read More »

23 Jun 2020 Datacenter Migration

For 12 years i7MEDIA has provided reliable hosting services to businesses of all different sizes around the globe. We are committed to continuing that same level service for years to come. We were recently notified by our Datacenter Provider that they are ceasing all operations at our primary datacenter location in Kansas City, MO. This came as ... Read More »